Natural State

Natural State – we are totally aware and relaxed. The Natural State is not just but also the dissolving of thoughts.
Just leave everything as it is and thoughts will dissolve by themselves. This state of presence or immediate awareness is the Natural State.

This is the Natural State, the state of knowledge, the universal basis, void and unpredictable.
It is neither existence nor non-existence.
No name, physical or metaphysical, applies to it.
It is unconditioned by either good or evil.
It is not emptiness and it is not manifestation.
It is not eternity and it is not nihilism.
It is neither blessedness nor misery.
It is neither Buddha nor living being.
It lacks color, form and shape.
It is the boundless infinite sphere.
It cannot be regarded as interrupted, limited or ending.
No term, physical or metaphysical can be applied to it.
It is spoiled by no notion of fault or of virtue.
It possesses no cause for good or evil.
It has no color, is neither black nor white, nor large nor small.
It cannot be investigated with regard to its extent or its. narrowness, its limits or its center.
Its area cannot be measured in miles.
It remains without beginning or end, without change or decline.
It does not increase or decrease.
It cannot be exhausted and it does not lessen.
It cannot be lost or separated.
It does not come into existence and it is not destroyed.
It is not produced from a cause or destroyed by circumstances.
It is not spoiled by circumstances and no cause is present.
For example-like the sphere of the sky it is clear, blank and solitary, remaining in a state of nothingness.
To begin with then, this is the nature of the Basis.

— The Nine Ways p.229