Natural State

Natural State – we are totally aware and relaxed. The Natural State is not just but also the dissolving of thoughts.
Just leave everything as it is and thoughts will dissolve by themselves. This state of presence or immediate awareness is the Natural State (not only in semde).

Look at the gap between thoughts while you are resting. This is similar to a state of Hedewa, without clarity it is not Dzogchen. But when clarity arises and one can keep this clarity without doubt then it is Dzogchen. Get direct experience.

In Dzogchen one has to have visions. Just using and practicing with the natural state, which one can do, it is not complete Dzogchen.
In individual practice of Thogal while staying in the natural state of Tregcho various visions arise.

“If you believe there is a thing called mind, it is just a thought. If you believe there is no thing called mind, it’s just another thought. Your natural state, free of any kind of thought is buddhanature.”

The spiritual world is an intangible world (nehmatateľný svet).

The natural state is like the experience of a person who just finished some long exhausting work, once it is finally over, they experience blissful satisfaction. The natural state is fresh, vividly open and empty, brilliantly clear and deeply relaxed.