Vacant state

Most esoteric traditions agree that thoughts themselves are not the enemy. On the other hand, when we are thinking, awareness is dulled and confused.     The vacant state of not thinking of anything     Is itself the cause of ignorance and confusion. But there is a thought-free knowing (rigpa) that is totally open like a Čítať viac…


This vehicle teaches the practices of taking the result as the path, also known as Secret Mantra.

Vajrayana Insight

Vajrayana Insight: it is insight that is free from thinking about something else, free from perceiving the other. In other words, it is nondualistic; it is just direct perception.

Vajrayana Magic

We are not talking about magic in the style of a conjuring magician on the stage, but we are talking about fundamental magic. Out of that comes vajrayana magic, which is that we are able to cut our thoughts abruptly and directly. On the spot! Cutting thoughts is the first way of blowing up the Čítať viac…

Vajrayana sayings

Vajrayana sayings: – Rigpa Free from Sem – Buddha without Breath (insight without mind) – Meditation without Thought, but Luminous (beyond just emptiness).