The essence of Samaya in Dzogchen teaching: “not to meditate or to practice something with the mind” and yet never to be distracted, for one remains uninterruptedly in the self-perfection of the single state of rigpa or truth. If it seems to not meditate, read again.


The practice of fixation, with or without a visible object, is equated with shamatha meditation (zhi-gnas), attaining a state of calm, according to the Dzogchen viewpoint. The practice of vision, whether with the empty sky or with sunlight as the support, is equated with vipashyana meditation, or higher insight (lhag-mthong).

Stillness, Occurrence, Awareness

According to the oral instructions of the realized ones, leave out various logical investigations. Stillness is when you look into your mind, direct yourself inward, and remain devoid of any kind of thinking. Occurrence is when various kinds of thoughts arise. Awareness is your mind being conscious of either of these. There is nothing easier Čítať viac…