Webcast: Practices fom Merigar and Dzamling Gar

21. december 2020 – 1. január 2021 celý deň

Dear all!!

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Next week webcast program from Merigar and Dzamling Gar
the time is Merigar Time (GMT+1:00)

Monday, 21 December
14:30 Samantabhadra Invocation winter solstice, from Dzamling Gar
18:30 Mandarava practice (from Dzamling Gar)

Wednesday, 23 December
17:00-18:15 Practice of Khaita Joyful Dances (from Merigar)
18:30 Mandarava practice (from Dzamling Gar)

Thursday, 24th December
18:30 Ganapuja of Mandarava – Short (Day of Guru Padmasambhava – from Dzamling Gar)

Friday, 25th December
14:30 Shitro practice (from Merigar)

Saturday, 26 December – Friday 1 January
Retreat for Dzogchen Community Practitioners

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thanks to all for your participation,
be well and healthy,
and take good care

have nice holidays, and our best wishes for the New Year

with warm and kind regards
Webcast Team