Zoom: The Value of Presence & Awareness

15. január 2021 – 17. január 2021 celý deň

ONLINE: Meditation for Daily Life:
Module I – The Value of Presence & Awareness

(UK / Tenerife Times)
This is a donation-based online course via Zoom. Registration Required

15th- 17th January 2021
Module 1: Living in the World Today
Friday 15th January 5pm – 7pm:
‘Introduction – Meditation as a Tool for Self-Discovery’ with Julia Lawless

Saturday 16th January 9am -11pm:
‘Shining a Light on Presence & Awareness’ with Lukas Chmelik

Saturday 16th January 2.30pm – 4.30pm:
‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ with Stoffelina Verdonk

Sunday 17th January 9am -11pm:
‘Intelligence in Action’ with Monica Gentile

Sunday 17th January 2.30pm -4.30pm:
‘Dealing with Suffering in Daily Life’ with Fabio Risolo