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10. január 2021 @ 18:30 – 19:30

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Ještě jednou přejeme vše dobré do nového roku, mnoho štěstí, zdraví a sil.

Tento rok 2021 se poprvé sejdeme v týdnu 4.1. – 10.1. u společných zoom praxí Středního Thunu v 18:30 ve středu a v neděli.

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Garab Dorje’s Three Principles of the Dzogchen Teaching

(1) Direct Introduction: the primordial state is transmitted straight away
by the master to the disciple. The master always remains in the primordial
state, and the presence of the state is thus communicated to the disciple in
whatever situation or activity they may share.

(2) Not To Remain in Doubt: through the repeated experience of the
primordial state in contemplation, the disciple no longer has any doubts about
what his or her true condition is.

(3) To Continue In the State: the disciple endeavors to continue at all
times in the state of non-dual contemplation, the primordial state, until every
thought or experience spontaneously self-liberates in the very instant that it
arises, without any effort being necessary, and nothing any longer hides the
true condition of the individual (which is obscured, in samsara, by dualistic
vision). One continues right up to Total Realization (p.162).

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu: The Crystal and the Way of Light, p.169

The Three Statements that Strike the Vital Point
by Garab Dorje

༄༅། །ཚིག་གསུམ་གནད་དུ་བརྡེགས་པ།

from https://www.lotsawahouse.org/indian-masters/garab-dorje/three-statements-that-strike-vital-point


or https://dictionary.christian-steinert.de/

copy Tibetan sentence into the dictionary:

༄༅། །ཚིག་གསུམ་གནད་དུ་བརྡེགས་པ།
According to the essence of the three statements

(1) one is introduced directly to one’s own nature, to receive direct introduction

(2) one definitively decides upon this unique state

(3) one continues directly with confidence in liberation.

The goal of Dzogchen practice is to remain in the clear,
undeluded state of the nature of the mind, unconditioned by thoughts;
which is not the same thing as not having any thoughts,
which is in any case impossible.

Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness