Medium and Long Thun

Dear brothers and sisters,

due to obstacles, difficulties and adverse circumstances in these turbulent times, there seem to be a need to increase protection of body, speech and mind of practitioners, invoke the blessings of the Three Roots, and therefore we have decided to conduct one day collective practice retreat of Medium and Long thuns (with invocations of Ekajati and Dorje Legpa), with 21 ngagkongs within each session – on Sunday, 27th November. Sessions will be lead by SMS instructors.

The sessions will be at
09:00-11:00 am – Medium Tun
15:00-17:30 – Long Tun (all times are CEST, UTC +2)

The zoom link:

May it brings benefit to all sentient beings, particularly to practitioners of the Dzogchen Community!

With kind regards
organising SMS instructors

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