Gateway to the Teachings: TANTRA and DZOGCHEN

11. november 2022 – 13. november 2022 celý deň

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Learn about Tantra & Dzogchen online in our final module of the Gateway to the Teachings Series.  We would like to invite you to:

GATEWAY TO THE TEACHINGS: The Words of the Great Masters –  MODULE 6


11-13 November 2022 ONLINE via ZOOM

**NOTE: You may take this course even if you have not done previous modules. You also do not have to attend all classes through the weekend. All classes are recorded to catch up and we will send out the recordings to you in due course. You must register for a ticket online to be added to the mailing list to receive recordings. 

A six-part modular programme introducing Buddhism and exploring its relevance & value for our lives today. 

SPANISH, FRENCH and CZECH Translation will be available for the workshop.

This training programme is based on a text ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ (as yet unpublished) by the great Dzogchen Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, which serves as an introduction to the main principles of the Buddhist Teachings. It also provides a foundation for understanding the Dzogchen approach in the context of Buddhism as a whole. The aim and methodology for this programme is to read and discuss the text in order to understand its relevance to our lives today. The course will incorporate teaching, study and practice using the text ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ as the basis. This course also serves as a follow-up training programme to the earlier modular sessions on ‘Meditation for Daily Life’. All participants will receive an online copy of the ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ upon registration.


This final weekend in our Gateway to the Teachings series will focus on the theme on Tantra & Dzogchen. The views of both these paths will be explained together with the ways in which they differ from the Sutra approach. Tantra is called the Vajra vehicle since it recognises that our Buddha nature – our immutable Vajra state – is inherent as an essential aspect of our being and uses the method of transformation. Dzogchen, meaning the ‘Great Perfection’, is generally considered to be the pinnacle of all the Buddhist teachings, and utilises the method of self-liberation. Different aspects of behaviour, that is the ways in which to conduct ourselves in daily life will also be explored together with the fruit or results of our meditation practice. The sections covered in the text ‘Gateway to the Teachings’ include Chapters 3 & 4.

Schedule: November 11-13th 2022

NOTE: All sessions are according to UK time! 

Friday 11th November 5.30pm – 7pm: ‘Introducing Tantra ’with Lynn Newdome
Saturday 12th November  9.30am -11am: ‘Different Tantric Approaches’ with Monica Gentile
Saturday 12th November  2.30pm – 4pm: ‘The View & Meditation of Dzogchen with Lukas Chmelik
Sunday 13th November  9.30am -11am: ‘The Way to Enter Dzogchen with Cheh Goh
Sunday 13th November  2.30pm – 4pm ‘Behaviour & Realization of the Fruit’ with Julia Lawless

NOTE: There will be no follow up Practice Sessions on Sundays after 13 November.

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We look forward to seeing you online soon!

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