Maha-Ati refers to Atiyoga or to higher tantric yanas (Mahayoga, Anuyoga, and Atiyoga). Maha-Ati teachings may be complex, but they are in fact simple, pure, and immediate.

Main Point

In the mahayana, everything depends on attitude, and everything is done with diplomacy. But in vajrayanna, you cut thoughts abruptly, on the spot. You do not even take an attitude. You just do it. It is very direct and precise. Right away—bang, bang, bang, on the spot. There is no particular way to do it. Čítať viac…

Main Practice

The tantric nyingthik tradition contains Zen-like practices of formless meditation and exercises that cultivate spontaneous visions of buddhas. Main practice consists of – Trekchö “break through”, recognizing rigpa – Tögal “leap ahead”, spontaneous presence which is the stabilization of rigpa and compassionate action.