Four Visions

The Four Visions (snang ba bzhi) of the Leaping Over (thod rgal)

1. The Vision of the Immediate Perception of Reality Itself (chos nyid mngon sum gyi snang ba)
– Vajra Chains Awareness Vision
2. The Vision of Increasing Experiences (nyams gong ‘phel gyi snang ba)
– Rainbow Lights, Buddha-Bodies Vision
3. The Vision of the Awareness Reaching Its Peak (rig pa tshad phebs kyi snang ba)
– perfected Buddha Families Vision
4. The Vision of Exhaustion of Reality Itself (chos nyid zad pa’i snang ba)
– Dissolution of Visions, Buddhahood.

It is related to light visions, light lamps, light channels of awareness.

Concerning Trekchö it is sufficient to just recognize the moment free from
thoughts of the three times, free of concepts. While in the state of Trekchö, you
apply the key points of the instructions of Tögal; do the three postures and the
three gazes, apply the key points, and leave the mind in rigpa. Then you see the
deities, they are visible, but they are intangible (nehmatateľné).
In Atiyoga, the deity is primordially present as our nature without any need to
be created. They are we. That is the short path.
When we experience the ultimate Tögal, the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities
will appear. One realizes that spontaneous presence is self-display.