Four Ways of Cutting Through Thoughts

From the Instruction Manual for the Ground of Tregcho

Now, do thoughts occur during this state of stillness? Is there stillness while the thoughts occur? There are thoughts during the state of stillness, and there are four ways of cutting thoughts relaxed way:

1. Like a cat waiting for a mouse,
Look directly into the essence of the thoughts.

2. Like a brahman threading a needle,
Keep awareness balanced and look into the essence of the thoughts.

3. Like a watchman in a watchtower,
Look into the thoughts within the state of undistracted awareness.

4. Like an arrow flying from an archer,
Look into the thoughts within the state of one-pointed awareness.

Now, as for mingling stillness and thinking:

Stillness is to rest quietly in the state of empty and
    luminous mind-nature.
From within that state a thought suddenly occurs.
By looking directly into it, it completely disappears in
    the continuity of this mind-nature.
This is called mingling stillness and thinking in the
    continuity of mind-nature.

Wakefulness that is primordially pure in essence
Is free from all unawareness and thinking.